JK Ultima Neo


  • Revolutionary tread pattern profile with optimized footprint
  • Shark-Winglet shoulder design
  • High stiffness solid center grooves
  • Variable groove-edges


  1. Higher fuel savings and improved wear nature of tyre
  2. Excellent handling and reduced noise levels
  3. Delivers straight line stability and improves handling
  4. Improves steering maneuverability and dissipates noise sources

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JK Ultima Neo Price List

Tyre Size Type Price
JK Ultima Neo 185/70 R13 86H Tubeless Rs.Price Coming Soon
JK Ultima Neo 175/70 R13 82T Tubeless Rs.3540
JK Ultima Neo 165/70 R13 79H Tubeless Rs.3115
JK Ultima Neo 155/80 R13 79T Tubeless Rs.2670
JK Ultima Neo 155/65 R14 79T Tubeless Rs.2660
JK Ultima Neo 155/65 R13 Tubeless Rs.2590
JK Ultima Neo 155/70 R13 Tubeless Rs.2790
JK Ultima Neo 145/80 R13 Tubeless Rs.2390
JK Ultima Neo 145/80 R12 Tubeless Rs.2230
JK Ultima Neo 145/80 R13 75S Tubeless Rs.2699
JK Ultima Neo 155/65 R13 73T Tubeless Rs.2300
JK Ultima Neo 155/65 R14 75T Tubeless Rs.2660

Additional information



Superior Performance

Fuel efficient
Long tyre life
Wet Grip
Dry Grip
Low noise


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